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Plastic Injection Molding Products in Monroe, NC


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We have a diverse plastic injection molding product line with production needs requiring the use of assorted and different thermo-polymers. Standard daily productions include Filled and Unfilled Polymers such as Low and High Density Polyethylene’s (LDPE, HDPE); SEBS; Homo and Co-Polymer Propylene’s (PP , CPP); Medium and High Impact Polystyrene’s (MIPS, HIPS); ABS; Assorted Nylon 6 and 66; Acetal; Polyester; Polycarbonate and more. Productions colors range from clear to solid to neon colors.

So how do you know if injection molding is right for you? The answers to these few questions will help point you in the right direction. (If you are still not sure, please don’t hesitate to call. We will gladly discuss your project with you.)

  • Is there an opening in the part smaller than the cavity inside, such as a pill bottle or milk carton?
    • In this case you will likely need to have your project “Blow Molded”. On occasion, however, a part like this can be produced in halves and snapped or glued together to produce the whole unit. Knowing and understanding the wall thickness is very important here. Your need and product function will help determine this.
  • Is your product extremely long with a center cavity throughout; such as a PVC pipe or tube?
    • This usually requires “Plastic Extrusion”. The length in this case is the determining factor.
  • Does your product require thick walls and an inner cavity that needs to be waterproof, such as a gasoline container or kayak?
    • Though similar to the first question, the thick walls require “Rotation Molding” which is effective but can be a very slow process. This process can sometimes be mimicked with injection molded halves, however the connecting halves must be sealed with glue, heat or sonic welding and then tested for seal integrity.
  • Does your project require very thin walls spread over a large area such as a plastic picnic plate or clam shell used for packaging?
    • These items are usually produced by a method called “Vacuum Forming”. The thin walls and high volumes needed for these products are problematic to injection molding which injects molten plastic into the tool cavity. The thinner the wall, the harder it is to spread the plastic before it re-hardens to a solid state. Multi-cavity tooling is needed and injection press size makes this cost prohibitive. However, on occasion, injection molding is the right choice for these applications; usually a consult is in order to make the best determination.

In any case, if you are not sure if our plastic injection molding process is what you need, please don’t hesitate to call. We will be glad to discuss the merits of your product and help determine your best and most cost efficient production needs.

*At the present time, we do not manufacture plastic injection molding products using Thermo-sets or PVC Polymers.