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Injection Molding Prototypes in Monroe, NC


Depending on what you want to make determines how long the process can take and whether or not prototypes are warranted.  Usually, the process goes something like this:

  • Customer presents an idea, or provides a drawing/sketch of their part (non-disclosure agreements are welcomed)
  • Information is obtained to determine product application
  • CAD drawings are created in Solid Works
  • Drawings are sent back to the customer for approval
  • Product material, part price and tool price are quoted
  • At this time, producing a rapid prototype part may be in order (Stereo Lithograph “SLA”). This is a process wherein a printing device uses the 3D CAD file to build by layers, a model of the part desired. This provides a visual and physical “hands-on” part with which to determine if all aspects of the product are achieved or need to be changed and eventually approved.
  • We are now at the stage to determine the quality of tool needed for production of the item desired.  In some instances inexpensive aluminum tooling is produced which will provide a limited number of parts with which to test the market.  This may also be the time in which a Production Mold is created based on quantity and quality of parts needed
  • Mold is finished and T1 (first samples) are produced for approval

Antenna Flag Bracket
injection molding prototypes Prototypes Charlotte NC injection molding prototypes Charlotte NC Molding Prototypes Charlotte NC
Design Tool Layout Product Application

Bike Flag Bracket
Prototypes Injection Molding Prototypes Prototypes Injection Molding
Design Tool Layout Product Application

Kool Rider
Injection Molding Prototypes Prototypes
Design Tool Layout Product Application

Grotto Grips
Design Tool Layout Product Application

Shoe Lace Lock
Design Product Application

*This process can take weeks up to months, depending on complexity of the part and other factors. Tooling tweaks are normal to ensure conformity to part design. Contact us at H&R Custom Injection Molding in Monroe, NC to discuss your specific needs. 704-289-2998.